Friday, June 8, 2012

To Be In Delhi

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What happens when a girl from Sandra’s Bandra moves to a semi-urban locality full of nouveau upper middle class Punjabis in saddi Dilli?

Even the community pet dog is named Monty. (I suggested the name Dogfather but Monty won hands down.)

Monty is a respectable name compared to Beauty, the name of the neighbour’s male German Shepherd.

The sanctum of the local Gurudwara is decorated with dazzling, blinding blue Christmas lights all year round.

If you are the sort who likes to listen to the voices of silence, life is unbearably loud.

The woman who lives diagonally across the street insists that the nickel-plated 5 rupee coin is actually gold-plated ["Sone da coin"].

The neighbourhood grocer agrees with her and refuses to give her the gold coin back. He hands her a 5 rupee note instead.

A seven-year old with 6 front teeth missing plays watchguard at a sangeet: "Ladies sangeet mein jants [gents] not allowed".

The Delhi Metro isn’t the Metro. It is the Matro.

Every celebration and ceremony – even religious ones – culminates in what is called a DJ night. Every DJ patronizes Munni, Sheila and Jalebi Bai. Excuse me while I quit blogging and go shake a leg.


Chintan said... [Reply]

Quit blogging? I hope am not reading too much in to it. I haven't been to Delhi often, however my last visit was memorable <3

AlphaTauri said... [Reply]

@Chintan Shaking a leg with nouveau riche Punjus makes blogging look bleak in comparison. :)

pon said... [Reply]


Buzz said... [Reply]

Very subtle points, well-expressed and well observed. It's the first time I'm visiting your blog, and glad to say: I loved it.

AlphaTauri said... [Reply]

@ Buzz: Honored to have you here. :) Planning to write a longer and less funny "To Be in Delhi - Part II"

AlphaTauri said... [Reply]

@ Pon: Thanks a lot.

magiceye said... [Reply]

lol!! This was hilarious!! You should blog regularly!!

AlphaTauri said... [Reply]

@magiceye Thank ye. I hope to be able to blog more regularly now that I am a little less nomadic.

MK D said... [Reply]

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